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Direct Care Staff (Overnight) - Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Date Posted: Dec 22, 2022

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Full-time$20 - $26 an hour21 hours ago
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k)
  • Vision insurance
  • Filing
  • Driver's License
  • Medication administration
  • CPR Certification
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Bachelor of Arts
Full Job Description

STRTP Direct Care Staff (Weekday/Weekend Overnight Shift)

Reports to: STRTP Program Administrators

Time Requirements: 40 Hours per Week

Job Duties:

Direct Care Staff (Weekday Overnight Shift) have the following duties under the supervision of the Facility Manager, which include, but will not be limited to the following:

· The overnight staff must be awake and alert for the duration of their shift to complete rigorous rounds and checks on youth/NMD bedrooms every 15 minutes, including enforcing compliance with Title 22 in all rooms of the facility except bedrooms, and documenting reports/consultation regarding incidents or emergencies that took place during the nightshift with designated on-call person or Program Administrator.

· Bedrooms must be completely quiet at bedtime, music may only be used with headphones, NO TVs, use of household appliance, or other noise-producing equipment may be used.

· Doors in rooms with dual occupancy must be kept open at all times, unless there is only one occupant in the room prior to bedtime, in which case the door may be left cracked open.

· Bed checks with flashlights must be conducted randomly and variably to identify youth/NMD’s hair and skin

· Completion of all cleaning measures and daily tasks such as updating facility maintenance records and logs, maintaining youth/NMD’s books, inventorying first aid box, cleaning the refrigerator and oven, disposing of waste and expired food, use of household appliances, organizing the linen closet, and any other required cleaning with the exception of doing the dishes, which must be completed by 6:00 AM, must be done when youth/NMD are in the midst of their deepest sleep

· Check menu and begin preparing food, including defrosting frozen items, for following day’s meals. Food must be stored in sealed storage containers and must be eaten or disposed of within 3 days of storage/opening.

· Assist the Facility Managers with constant monitoring and supervision of youth/NMD by logging population counts and youth/NMD locations every 15 minutes in a daily composition book and ensuring that youth/NMD are never left alone or unattended inside or outside of the home.

· Adhere to HCH’s Medication Policies and Procedures, including documenting and administering medication at specific times to the appropriate youth/NMD, initialing medication sheet logs at time of administration, checking medication logs, and verifying accuracy and consistency of information pertaining to medication administration when reporting for shift.

· Staff must complete and review communication logs, gas log and records, memos, and progress notes; update points in the point book; and perform general cleaning at the start and end of each shift, in accordance with Title 22 Regulations which enforces universal health, safety, and cleanliness precautions to ensure that youth/NMD’s bedrooms are cleaned by the end of every shift.

· Adhere to Runaway (AWOL) Policies and Procedures. When a youth is AWOL secure their belongings.

· Must remain calm and avoid making physical contact with youth/NMD, regardless of escalating, dangerous, critical, or emergency situations in addition to documenting all injuries and incidents on the Special Incident Report sheet, notifying the Program Administrator and filing all documentation.

· Awareness and knowledge of all safety and security measures, participation in all beta emergency protocols and procedures, identification and location of safety tools, facility emergency kits, and first aid equipment, and locating emergency phone numbers and the designated meeting area in the event of an evacuation.

· Provide clear and direct instructions and in all communication with youth/NMD, mediate conflicts between youth with fair resolutions and use of de-escalation tactics.

· Only staff members are permitted to answer the door unless youth/NMD have been authorized to do so under staff supervision.

· Attendance at all HCH staff meetings, in-service trainings, and supervising/monitoring family visits and all contact with other individual(s) that interact with youth/NMD placed at HCH for inappropriate interactions, discussions, and contact requiring immediate reporting to Facility Managers and/or Program Administrators.

Education, Experience and Licensure:

STRTP Direct Care Staff (Weekday Overnight Shift) shall meet the following education and experience requirements:

· A Bachelor of Arts or Sciences Degree.

· A valid Child Development Teaching Permit.

· Completed 12 semester units of Early Childhood Education, Adolescent Development, or Foster and Kinship Care Education and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth.

· A valid certificate as an Alcohol Counselor, Drug Counselor or Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth.

· A valid vocational training certificate, credential, or documentation demonstrating that the individual is a trade journeyperson who instructs children in vocational skills and have at least 100 hours of experience working with youth as a mentor, athletic coach, teacher, vocational coach, tutor, counselor, or other relevant experience as determined by the department

· Previously been employed as a full-time staff or served as a volunteer at a group home, short-term residential therapeutic program, or substance abuse treatment program for at least one year

· Direct care staff must be at least 21 years of age.

· At a minimum, a direct care staff shall demonstrate all of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

· Knowledge and understanding of the needs of youth/NMD served by HCH.

· Skills and ability to engage and develop rapport with youth/NMD who have diverse backgrounds.

· Skills and ability to provide consistency and behavioral limits through relationship-based interventions.

· Skills to communicate effectively with the ability to solve problems in a collaborative manner

· All staff who have contact with the youth/NMD within the Hart Community Homes will meet California Community Care Licensing qualifications and guidelines. They must meet the age and experience requirements, have a current TB, current physical, and a valid Driver’s License, In-Service Training, Fingerprint Clearance, Child Abuse Index Check, and Criminal Record Statement.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $20.00 - $26.00 per hour


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 4x10


  • Juvenile residential: 1 year (Required)


  • CPR Certification (Preferred)

Shift availability:

  • Overnight Shift (Required)

Work Location: Multiple Locations

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