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  • ICD coding
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Job Description: Ctrs-Nursing
Effective Date: 9/3/13
Revision Date: 11/22/17
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REPORTS TO: Center Executive Director
FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt
Manage patient health information by ensuring patient records remain accurate, complete,
current, confidential, and are compliant with federal and state regulations, HIPAA, and GHC
policies and procedures.
Ensure accurate and current diagnostic coding to assure appropriate billing first time, to
minimize accounts receivable and improve cash flow.
1. Maintains the Diagnosis List/Sheet in the electronic system. Performs ICD coding as
trained and in consultation with Nursing/Clinical Reimbursement Coordinator (CRC) or
Clinical Care Manager (CCM).
2. Creates medical record for all new admissions, as directed by Director of Nursing (DN) or
3. Maintains accurate order of open records, paper and electronic by:
3.1 Filing forms,
3.2 Thinning records,
3.3 Notifying physicians of need to sign admission/monthly orders and Medicare
Certifications in a timely manner,
3.4 Monitoring quality control documents, as directed by DN or designee.
4. Performs routine audits of medical records upon admission, throughout the stay, and
discharge to monitor compliance with policies regarding documentation, physician visits,
timeliness, etc.
5. Maintains forms/office supplies inventory, as directed by DN or designee.
6. For centers with Medication Administration Records (MARs) and Treatment
Administration Records (TARs) supplied by pharmacy, communicates with the pharmacy
in reference to additions/deletions of patient MARs/TARs and other pharmacy-supplied
7. Processes medical record requests:


Job Description: Ctrs-Nursing
Effective Date: 9/3/13
Revision Date: 11/22/17
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7.1 Confirms all health information requested with DN or Administrator to comply with
HIPAA and GHC policies and procedures,
7.2 Coordinates with Corporate Risk Management Department to ensure clearance for
record release to outside sources other than payers and those identified by patient
during admission process,
7.3 Upon Center/Risk Management clearance and direction, retrieves, copies, and
forwards information from the medical record.

8. Maintains closed records in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
8.1 Obtains all appropriate departmental and physician signatures on discharge charts
within 30 days of patient discharge.

9. Responds to telephone inquiries concerning medical records and may respond to
correspondence, as directed by center management.
10. Performs other duties as requested.

1. High school graduate or equivalent.
2. Experience with ICD coding preferred
3. This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the
spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at
the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs.
4. Able to communicate effectively with patients, family members, staff and external
requestors of medical records and/or information
5. Sufficient computer skills to perform duties
6. Verification of the TST (tuberculin skin test) and results as required by state law and in
accordance with Company policy; if required, the TST will be administered at the work site
7. Successful completion of the Company training program upon hire to position
(a) Physical Demands:
(Answer yes or no)
Reaching (overhead) yes
Handling yes
Fingering yes
Feeling yes
Talking or Hearing yes
Seeing yes


Job Description: Ctrs-Nursing
Effective Date: 9/3/13
Revision Date: 11/22/17
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(Answer: 0-33% - Rarely/ 34-66% - Occasionally/67-100% - Frequently)
Standing 34-66%
Walking 34-66%
Sitting 34-66%
The following weight specifications apply to centers with a Safe
Resident Handling Program in place. (Specify Amount of Weight
in Pounds: Sedentary [10 lbs]; Light [ 20 lbs]; Medium [30-50 lbs];
Heavy [100 lbs]; Very Heavy [ >100 lbs])
Pulling 40
Lifting 40
Carrying 40
Pushing 40
(Answer yes or no)
Climbing (stairs) yes
Balancing yes
Stooping yes
Kneeling yes
Crouching yes
Crawling yes
Twisting yes
(b) Location of Job Activities: (Answer in percent) Outside 0%
Inside 100%

(c) Environmental Conditions:
(Answer yes or no)
Extreme cold with or without temperature changes no
Extreme heat with or without temperature changes no
Wet or humid no
Noise and/or vibrations no
Hazards (chemical, mechanical, radiant energy) no
Explosives, burns, electrical, other no
Atmospheric conditions -
Fumes, poor ventilation, mists, dust, odors, gas no
Unprotected heights no
Moving machinery no
Operating automotive equipment no
Operating foot controls no
Uneven ground no
Protective clothing (list) yes
(gowns, masks, gloves in accordance with policy)


Job Description: Ctrs-Nursing
Effective Date: 9/3/13
Revision Date: 11/22/17
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(d) Work Situations:
(Answer yes or no)
Measurable or verifiable criteria yes
Dealing with people yes
Repetitive and continuous yes
Performing under stress yes
Set limits, tolerance or standards yes
Problem solving yes
Comparing yes
Taking instructions yes

1. Must have knowledge of medical and anatomical terminology
2. Must have knowledge of computer programs and coding for diagnosis
3. Must have knowledge of filing systems
4. Must have knowledge of rules of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation
5. Must be organized, detail oriented, and able to prioritize multiple tasks with accuracy
6. Must possess the ability to positively interact with personnel, patients, family members,
visitors, government agencies/personnel, and the general public.

1. The Health Information Management Coordinator interacts with patients, families, visitors,
Center and Company subsidiary personnel.
2. He/She carries out other tasks as requested in situations where hands-on
intervention/participation may be required.
1. Complies with applicable legal requirements, standards, policies and procedures including but not
limited to those within the Compliance and Ethics Program, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal
False Claims Act and HIPAA.
2. Participates in required orientation and training programs.
3. Promptly reports concerns and suspected incidences of non-compliance to supervisor,
Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer via the Integrity Hotline.
4. Cooperates with monitoring and audit functions and investigations.
5. Participates, as requested, in quality assurance and process improvement activities.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $23.00 per hour


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • Monday to Friday

Work Location: One location


1350 E Devonshire Ave, Hemet, CA 92544