Turning the Tables: Questions That Leave a Lasting Impression

Turning the Tables: Questions That Leave a Lasting Impression

Congratulations on your job interview. It's important to ask insightful questions to understand the expectations and the environment you'll be working in. This not only demonstrates your interest in the role but also helps you decide if the position and the facility are the right fit for you. 


Here are some questions you could consider asking during your job interview.

Healthcare job:


What does a typical day look like for a Medical Assistant in your facility?

This question can help you understand what you can expect on a daily basis.


Can you share some of the main challenges that someone in this role would face?

This can give you insight into some of the potential difficulties of the job and allow you to discuss how you would handle these situations.


What are the opportunities for professional growth and development here?

This shows that you're ambitious and interested in growing with the organization.


How is performance measured and reviewed in this role?

The answer can give you an idea of what the organization values and how they ensure their employees are meeting these standards.


Can you tell me about the team I'll be working with?

This shows that you're a team player and are interested in learning about your future colleagues.


How do you incorporate the latest healthcare practices or guidelines into your work environment?

This question demonstrates your interest in staying updated in the healthcare field.


What is the organization's approach to patient care?

This shows that you're interested in the organization's mission and values, which is important in a healthcare setting.


How has the organization adapted to recent changes in the healthcare industry, such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

This question can help you understand how the organization navigates challenges and adapts to change.


Remember, it's important to listen attentively to the interviewer's answers and respond or ask follow-up questions as appropriate. It's also perfectly okay to take notes if you need to. The aim is to create a two-way conversation that helps you and the interviewer determine if the job is a good fit for you.

Administrative Job:

Can you describe the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?

This will help you get a clear idea of what the job entails and if it aligns with your expectations.


Could you tell me more about the team I would be working with?

This question shows your interest in teamwork and the people with whom you'll be collaborating.


What are the key goals or projects for the administrative team over the next six months to a year?

This question demonstrates that you're forward-thinking and interested in understanding how your role fits into the larger objectives of the company.


What do you enjoy most about working for this company?

This question can give you some insight into the positive aspects of working for the company from an insider's perspective.


What are the next steps in the interview process?

This can help you understand the hiring timeline and know when you can expect to hear back.


Remember to listen attentively to the interviewer's responses and respond thoughtfully. These questions are not only designed to help you gather information about the job but also to demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and the company.


Substance Abuse Counselor Job

What type of therapeutic approach does this facility typically use in treating substance abuse?

This will give you insight into their treatment philosophy and whether it aligns with your own.


Could you tell me about the typical patient demographic here?

Understanding the demographics will help you prepare for the type of issues you might frequently encounter.


How does the facility handle relapses?

This gives you an understanding of their relapse protocol and their philosophy toward this aspect of recovery.


What kind of support system is in place for the counselors?

This is important in understanding how the facility cares for the mental health of its staff members.


How is success defined and measured in terms of patient recovery at this facility?

The answer can help you understand their expectations and goals.


What is the counselor-to-client ratio at this facility?

This can provide insight into your workload and how much time you can dedicate to each patient.


Can you share about opportunities for continuing education or professional development?

This shows your ambition and commitment to staying current in the field.


Could you describe the team I would be working with and how we would collaborate on patient care?

This can give you a sense of the team dynamics and how interdisciplinary work is carried out.


What challenges has the organization faced in light of the ongoing opioid crisis?

This question demonstrates your awareness of larger trends in the field of substance abuse counseling.


What are the next steps in the interview process?

This helps you understand the timeline for decision-making.


Remember, it's okay to take notes during the interview, and it's crucial to listen attentively to the interviewer's responses. This conversation is just as much for you to learn about them as it is for them to learn about you.

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